How to Keep your Computer Clean

Our users often ask us how they can further protect their computer from unwanted applications such as spyware and adware. In addition to relying on the high quality protection of Spyware Nuker 2004 here are a variety of easy things you can do to keep your computer clean and running smoothly.

Keep Windows up to date
Some virus and spyware/adware threats utilize known bugs and exploits in your operating system to install or perpetuate themselves. Keeping Windows up to date helps ensure that you're computer is no longer vulnerable to these methods. You can update Windows by visiting

Adjust your Internet Explorer security settings
Many websites use what is referred to as "drive-by installations" that rely on your Internet Explorer security settings to be configured too low. If ActiveX is set to always allow then many sites can install applications on your computer without your confirmation or acknowledgement. This is a serious risk! Note that Windows XP Service Pack 2 users are already provided additional protection against "drive-by installations" and do not need additional security adjustments. However, if you are not running Windows XP Service Pack 2 it is recommended you perform the following adjustments which will block some ActiveX and cause the remainder to prompt you prior to installation:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click Internet Options
  4. Click Security
  5. Click the Default Level button
  6. Your Security Level should now be Medium
  7. Click the Custom Level button
  8. Set Download Signed ActiveX Controls to PROMPT
  9. Set Download Unsigned ActiveX Controls to DISABLE
  10. Set Initialize and Script ActiveX Controls Not Marked As Safe to DISABLE
  11. Click OK to save your changes

Use a firewall
A firewall is a piece of hardware or software that helps protect your computer from unauthorized intruders. It does this by making your computer virtually invisible to other users on the internet. Many software firewalls go beyond merely protecting you from inbound internet attacks and also protects you from unknown software running on your computer. It does this by alerting you to new applications that are attempting to run and providing you the opportunity to block or allow them. Blocking spyware/adware doesn't physically remove it from your computer, but it does prevent it from contacting it's servers which likely prevents it from displaying advertisements or sending your personal data abroad.

Surf and download cautiously
You should only download programs from websites you trust and be sure to read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully as many may indicate unwanted behavior such as downloading and displaying advertising content or harvesting your personal data and sending it abroad.

Use Spyware Nuker
Though you may have applied the operating system latest updates, configured your browser to provide you with added protection, and are using a firewall to further protect your computer you may find yourself infected with spyware, adware, or other unwanted programs. Your best option for full protection is to install and utilize Spyware Nuker