Recently SpywareNuker has been the victim of what can only be described as a malicious campaign meant to discredit what has become one of the most popular utilities for detecting and stopping adware and Spyware.

Lots of what you see on the Internet is fiction in its most basic form. Whether it is meant to harm, deceive or is simply plain ignorance, the bottom line is that much of it is simply not true. But you already know that. Please take a moment to read the truth about SpywareNuker 2004 and you’ll see what we mean.


The SpywareNuker Team

Fiction: SpywareNuker is spyware or adware itself!

FACT: Nothing could be further from the truth. SpywareNuker has never spied on users and it never will. SpywareNuker has never served or shown an advertisment, and it never will. The original version of SpywareNuker was released almost two years ago. Contained in that original EULA release was some legal phrasing that some people interpreted as allowing SpywareNuker to show ads or install other programs. That phrasing was removed as soon as we were aware of it and has never returned. Regardless, no ads were ever shown and no additional programs were ever installed on even a single user’s PC. So if someone claims that the EULA allows SpywareNuker to show ads or upload additional programs, it’s simply not true.

Still not sure? Don’t take our word for it – see for yourself by reading the complete EULA here.

Fiction: TrekEight, LLC used stolen code or a stolen database in creating SpywareNuker.

FACT: Absolutely not true. SpywareNuker is one of the few programs that supports a full internal team for both QA and database definitions. Every item in the SpywareNuker database has been individually researched, tested and confirmed by multiple members of the database AND QA teams. These teams keep notes on every entry and are able to tell exactly how, when and why each item in the SpywareNuker database was added.

So why would someone say this? With an earlier version of Spyware Nuker, our database was licensed from a third party, which has assured us that any claims of database theft are complete falsehoods. At the time of licensing, that party contractually warranted that the database provided to us was their own and was in no way stolen from any other company or individual.

However, with the complaints of a database that may have been compromised, we developed and released a completely new version of Spyware Nuker that is 100% in-house in all respects. Any past claims, true or false, have no bearing on the new software.

Fiction: SpywareNuker isn’t doing anything about these allegations because they are true!

FACT: If you’ve been reading the news online lately, you know this is false. We recently filed suit in an effort to bring the truth to light. Further, we intend to bring additional actions against individuals and/or companies that continue to propagate the lies about our company and its products.

Fiction: SpywareNuker is owned by a company that installs spyware.

FACT: Also not true. You may have read that TrekEight, LLC is the owner of Blue Haven Media, which has been accused of distributing spyware. In fact, TrekEight is not the owner of Blue Haven. When TrekEight was formed in October of 2002, it acquired several domains and properties. Blue Haven Media was one of these properties, but it was subsequently sold to a private corporation.

Fiction: SpywareNuker is installed surreptitiously or invisibly.

FACT: Think about it. SpywareNuker is a program designed to help users identify spyware and adware. If it does not make itself known, how can it alert users to spyware and adware? SpywareNuker is only installed when a user makes a proactive choice to scan his or her system for adware and spyware.

Fiction: SpywareNuker crashes or slows PC’s, or is bad code.

FACT: SpywareNuker 2004 is one of the anti-spyware products that is created, evaluated and continually revised in-house. Right now, our tests show that it is among the fastest programs of its kind on the market, and our QA and programming teams are constantly increasing efficiency even more.

ONE FINAL FACT: SpywareNuker 2004 is one of the fastest, most comprehensive and accurate anti-spyware products you can buy, and is continually updated to keep on top of the most recent spyware releases. As a commercial product, SpywareNuker 2004 is able to support in-house programming, database updating and quality assurance personnel as well as real customer support staff. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope it clears up any misperceptions you may have had about SpywareNuker.